Our clients


ID Database Marketing clients include organisations that are well known in Australia and internationally.

So why isn’t this page plastered with logos and examples of the great work that we produce?

Well, the reason is quite simple. Customer data privacy is an important part of what we do and so is the confidentiality of  the work we do for our clients.

Some clients only need to use our expertise on a specific database task or project. Others use our services to develop and manage their website, marketing emails and comprehensive marketing databases, web-based loyalty and CRM systems.

Our client list includes organisations in the Financial Services, Automotive, Not-For-Profit, Wine, Government, Services and Retail sectors.
We’re perfectly happy to talk to you about our clients and the great work we do for them. We just don’t want to do it here.

Call us on 03 9975 7770 to find out more.

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