Customer and Prospect De-duplication / Matching

Customer data deduplication is not an exact science and depending on your requirements you should not rely on simplified matching services or a "one size fits all"  black box approach when it comes to correctly removing or identifying customer duplication within your database/s.

We are experts at de-duplicating customer and prospect data. Utilising our in-house data bureau services we can tackle any project of any size from small individual databases through to matching millions of records across multiple source systems.

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When should you deduplicate your customer data?

1. When you need to get a single view of customer:

- if you have multiple source systems that do not automatically link customers.

- to reduce communication costs.

- to reduce customer confusion with multiple messages.

- to avoid embarrassing treatment of your customers by not knowing who they are and the totality of your relationship.

- to avoid selling products or services they already have.

- to ensure your organisation is Privacy Compliant and is able to accurately identify customers that have opted-out of communications.

2. When you need to match external data such as prospect lists.

How should you deduplicate your customer data?

1. Ideally real-time where-ever possible, but this usually requires a fair amount of consideration and development when it involves multiple legacy customer interfaces and is important to get right.

2. Monthly but at the very least yearly, do this in the background and establish an audit and review process to manage suspect duplicates to ensure you get it right and can tailor your matching algorithms as you go

What techniques should you employ to get the best customer matching results?

Firstly, you need to get the data right, this involves cleaning and standardising the data so that all the available contact details are formatted and spelt as consistently as possible across all records. This is one of the most important steps to get right to ensure you achieve the best possible Customer Match results.

1. This really depends on what you need to achieve:

- if it's to remove all risk of duplication then utilise fuzzy matching that will identify even remotely linked data. Beware there is a point where the fuzzy matching will begin to identify matches that are not real.

- if it's to get the most accurate possible result then utilise a combination of exact, partial and tuned fuzzy matching tailored to suit your data and desired results.

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